Pramiti believes in interdependence and collaboration. The team of Pramiti comprises of not only those who work with children but also parents, board members and other well wishers. The team has been working on various aspects over the months. We would like to thank every child, every parent, every adult and every member of the Pramiti family for all the support rendered. In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to thank people who have contributed in various ways in putting together the website and the initial setting up process.

Anitha, our team member for discovering the apt name for the school in “Pramiti”. The name “Pramiti” clearly translates the basis of our programmes and gives the right identity that is aligned with the thoughts of the people associated with the school.

Uday for helping us coin the tagline and the concept for the logo with so much patience and by giving us a lot of his time unconditionally.

Karthik for having taken the most amazing pictures and capturing the right moments for our website. It was really inspiring to see his involvement, energy and commitment when instead of spending his break time with his family; he patiently spent all the time in getting the right pictures for us.

Toby for being the most effective and patient Information Technology mentor for Pramiti and helping us with the development of the complete Information Systems.

Manikandan, Mridula and the team of Kidos for helping us with all materials and furniture very promptly in a very short span in spite of the designs being custom made and complex.

The team of DigDesign Studio for the committed, creative and prompt services rendered to translate our vision onto the website so effectively. The team understood our vision and was completely in sync with our thoughts and culture.  Indeed we are fortunate to meet and work with such a dedicated, talented and interesting team.