• Mrs. Geetha Vijayachandran

    Geetha Vijayachandran did her Bachelors in English Literature and went on to take training in the field of education. She underwent training in the Montessori Method of Education under AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) for teaching age groups 3 years to 18 years. She is a consultant for a group of schools in Prague, Czech Republic and is engaged in modeling the vertical age group strategy and the Montessori philosophy for the 3 years to 18 years age group. Her training started in Bangalore for ages 3 years to 6 years, continued for 6 years to 12 years in Bergamo, Italy and finished it for 12 years to 18 years in Ohio, USA. She is the only person in India to have undergone these trainings from AMI recognized institutions. She worked in traditional CBSE schools in Cochin for 6 years before moving on to Montessori teaching. After running her own Montessori institution for 10 years in Cochin, she worked in USA for a year, UK for 9 years and in Czech Republic for a year and a half. She continues to work online for the Prague group, visiting them twice a year. Geetha is now training teachers and helping set up schools in Kerala and Bangalore. She has conducted many workshops and training courses all over the world and has actively participated in conferences and seminars. She spends her time between India, UK and the Czech Republic. She is also qualified to teach Dyslexic children with a post graduate qualification from University of York, UK. She has presented a research paper in ‘Montessori for Special Children – A Study’ at the First International Seminar on Neurology, Cognitive and Language Disorders 2000, conducted by The Institute for Cognitive and Communicative Neurosciences (ICCONS), Trivandrum, India. She believes in helping every child to realize his true potential and supports people who create learning space for children and adults.

  • Mrs. Jayashree Amarnath Rajanahally

    Jayashree Rajanahally has done her Masters in Clinical Psychology and thereafter taken courses in life skill education and learning difficulties. Jayashree has worked in schools ranging from Oxford, St. Pauls to The Valley School. She has presented a number of research papers. Some of her papers include “The Transferability of Teaching Approaches to Promote Inclusive Education across two Countries: India and the UK” presented at the Inclusive and Special Education conference conducted at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. and “Supporting learners with special educational needs in India: Diverse approaches for a range of contexts” accepted for the ISEC conference in August 2010 at Belfast, Ireland. Another important research paper she presented was “Integration in the mainstream – Implementation and major issues”, at the National Meet organized by Communication Deall, an organization devoted to early childhood intervention. She has conducted several workshops at The Rishi Valley School, Madanapalle, Mysore University for M.Phil students and Good Earth School, Chennai. She has been a faculty member for courses at KPAMRC and Brindavan Education Trust. Jayashree is currently working as a resource person and Joint Co-ordinator in charge of the two after school remedial centres at Brindavan Special Education Centre, Bangalore. She conducts informal educational evaluations, preparing students for NIOS, individualized education programmes and parent/student counseling. She is also presently part of the faculty for the University of Northampton, UK, working on the MA programme in Special and Inclusive Education launched in India in April 2012. This includes teaching and guiding students along with being the contact person for the University in India. With her vibrant personality and helping nature, she continues to touch the lives of many children by spreading awareness among those in the teaching profession, parents and general public, and continuing her research work in diverse areas of education.

  • Mrs. Kalpagam Prabhakar

    Kalpagam Prabhakar has a degree in Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Bachelor of Education in Social studies and English. With a rich experience of 21 years of teaching, co-ordinating and heading academic programmes in primary and elementary classrooms in schools like St. Paul’s, Sherwood High(Hyderabad), Primus and Bala Vidya Mandir, Kalpagam founded the Poornashiksha school in Chennai. She has been involved in curriculum development and setting up resource rooms in many schools. She has undergone a certified training in Special Education and worked with schools for developing curriculum for inclusive education. She has to her credit the “Distinguished Teacher Award” for innovative classroom teaching from Wipro Applying Thoughts in School. Her articles and poems feature regularly in the magazine, “Teaching Unchained”. Kalpagam has been a regular invitee for many workshops and education sessions conducted by several institutes and veteran education personalities. She has conducted training programmes and workshops for adults and children. Kalpagam joins hands with educators and schools to implement innovative strategies in the teaching and learning environment and to guide teachers to help evolve a holistic curriculum and adopt new, interesting methodologies to enhance class room teaching. She believes that the right skills developed at the right age can make preparation for examinations and competitions also a joyful experience.

  • Mr. Hari Ravikumar

    Hari Ravikumar has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a Software Programmer at Infosys, Content Manager/Editor at the Melton Foundation and Administrative Director at the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA). He currently teaches Carnatic music theory and violin at SAPA. He has a deep interest in education and advocates the inclusion of arts and sports into mainstream syllabi. Hari has co-authored two books and is working on a few more. His hobbies include martial arts, design, language, and mathematics.

  • Mrs. B.R Pratiti

    Pratiti B.R is an Educationist, Life Coach and Peak Performance Consultant. She did her Masters in Electronics Sciences at St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta University, India. She was a Senior Research Fellow at Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India. Currently she is the Co-Founder and Joint Director of Centre for Fundamental Research and Creative Education (CFRCE), Bangalore, India. She is also a visiting faculty at the Research Education Advancement Programme (REAP), Bangalore Association for Science Education, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore, India. Pratiti has worked with individuals at diverse levels ranging from children through adolescents to graduates and professionals on one hand, and parents and families on the other hand. One of her first breakthroughs involved a student of the tenth grade who was a slow learner suffering from febrile convulsions. She developed a performance strategy based on the self-concept of the student because of which the student began to build self-esteem and self-confidence. This was paralleled by a strategy for learning adapted to the student’s particular requirements. Gradually, she guided the student to a stage wherein the student emerged with near distinction in the board examinations. The student went on to become a topper in the pre-university and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Pratiti continues her work with children and adults by helping them realize their potential and by holding their hands to face the challenges of life in a joyful and confident way.