Our Vision

Pramiti facilitates education through continuous learning that is intuitive, dynamic and progressive. Education is not mere accumulation and retention of knowledge but a way of life that is complete, ongoing and changing. The vision of Pramiti is enabling learning through creation, realization and co-existence.

Core Spirit

The core spirit of Pramiti defines it’s culture and represents

  • Sensitivity that brings about mutual respect, understanding and responsibility
  • Working relentlessly to support learning in all forms
  • Sharing and inspiring each other to work and learn together
  • Fostering co-existence and contribution through a sense of inter-dependence


The culture at Pramiti is based on learning by contribution and participation. Learning is not merely concerned with intellect, memory and skills. Learning goes beyond conditioning and is undefined. It brings about critical thinking, sensitivity and peace with oneself and the surroundings. The culture of Pramiti is to

  • Nurture sensitivity and compassion
  • Strive relentlessly to better oneself by setting high standards for one’s self
  • Promote self assessment, develop diligence and commitment towards one’s work and learning
  • Look beyond academic excellence – not merely concerned with intellect and memory skills – to discover a way of learning that is whole and intelligent
  • Emphasize on facilitation and learning while developing skills that are crucial to support learning
  • Recognize the fact that each individual is unique