Learning is often given the form of accumulation of knowledge that is guided and limited by methods and systems. The adults are guided by pedagogies, methods and the limited knowledge they gain through training. Consequently, training becomes the key source of understanding the child and the adults are better equipped to work with materials and not with the child.
Pramiti (pronounced as pruh-mi-thi) is a Sanskrit word that means “right conception”. The conception of Pramiti has been directed towards creation of a school that surpasses boundaries and enables learning that is natural and true to the potential of every individual.

At Pramiti, we believe that learning is like an ocean where each method is just another drop and hence, we foster creation that is intuitive and experiential. The child develops and learns with respect to his/her own “natural rhythm” and not according to what we set as targets. The child also seeks to gain satisfaction from “doing the work” rather than only the “end result”. With this, the adult becomes a facilitator who learns with the child and forms a relationship that is unconditional.

Learning at Pramiti is an experience that is nurturing, mutual, self-directed and in harmony with one’s natural pattern of development. We learn by working together and understanding oneself and the others.